KeraOs® Properties

KeraOs® is composed of β-Tricalcium Phosphate with a purity higher than 99%.

It superficially reacts with its physiological environment, dissolving and precipitating hydroxylapatite on the surface. This precipitation leads to the appearance of osteoblasts and collagen fibre that will form immature bone. Immature bone becomes structured and mature, continuing with the resorption of KeraOs® until it is totally replaced by the newly formed bone. This process occurs at an adequate resorption rate.

KeraOs® morphology is based on its structure and its porosity. Such morphology is obtained by means of the application of specific manufacturing protocols. KeraOs® shows a microporosity around 1μm as well as a design based on concave and convex domains which lead to macroporosity because of the packaging of the granules at the implanted area, with an average size of interconnected porous around 300μm, needed for the adhesion of the biological growth factors involved into the process of bone regeneration.