Cidemarec® Indication

Cidemarec® is a β-Tricalcium phosphate-based bone graft substitute especially recommended for favouring animal bone healing in areas in which a bony defect exists.

Features and properties:

    1. Biocompatible
    2. Inert (no immunological activity at all)
    3. Osteointegrable – Resorbable
    4. Local mineral supply

Cidemarec® is recommended for bony defects derived from:

    • Bone cysts
    • Arthrodesis
    • Fractures with loss of bone substance
    • Implant removal
Cidemarec indication

And its especially useful for:

    • Animals with a few quantity of cancellous bone tissue (e.g. little dogs and cats)
    • Animals without cancellous bone easily accesible from a surgical view
    • Animals in which cancellous bone has been previously removed