Iniker fill® properties

Iniker fill® possesses a tailored rheological behaviour, according to which flows under stress and recovers the gel strength as stress stops.

This behaviour allows an easy covering of the exposed dentin tubules during its application, establishing a direct bond with hydroxyapatite crystals present in dentine and enamel structures.

The gel nature allows the Iniker fill® particles
to stay on the dentine tubules creating a soft structure

Túbulos dentinarios
Exposed dentine
Túbulos dentinarios
Exposed dentine after Iniker fill® treatment

Totally biocompatible

Iniker fill® exhibits a composition and size similar to the hydroxyapatite crystals present in the enamel mineral matrix.

It does not contain any aggressive, toxic or allergenic substance.

Resistance to acid attack

The Iniker fill® particle size is so small that exhibit a defect-free structure which implies greater stability against a chemical attacks.

This property is very important as the product, once applied, is submited to acid conditions derived from the ingestion of several foods and beverages which reduces the pH value in the oral cavity.


Suitable size and composition for epitaxial growth within the apatitic matrix of the tooth.

Chemically (acid) attacked enamel
Chemically (acid) attacked enamel
Chemically (acid) attacked enamel after Iniker fill application
Chemically (acid) attacked enamel after Iniker fill® application

Antibacterial activity

The accumulation of nanoparticles over bacteria membrane hinders the bacterial proliferation giving, as a result, an inhibitory effect.

Evolution of pain response (SCHIFF scale) over sensitive teeth after Iniker fill application
Challenge's reducction test chart