Iniker fill® benefits

Ready and easy to use

Iniker fill® is packaged into a single-use container which does not need to be mixed with other elements or components prior to its application, so it is directly applied.

Instant pain relief

Due to the reduced size of its nanoparticles, Iniker fill® plugs more than 95% of the exposed dentine tubules.

This plugging blocks the flow inside the dentinal tubules giving, as a result, an instantaneous pain relief.

Evolution of pain response (SCHIFF scale) over sensitive teeth after Iniker fill® application


Iniker fill® is completely safe. It can be safely used over gums as its composition is free of irritant ingredients, such as glutaraldehyde or methacrylates. It is also free of staining agents, so there is no need to protect the adjacent tissues from Iniker Fill® presence.

No peel-off effect

Unlike other products on the market, Iniker fill® does not peel off due to crack propagation derived from local stresses (mastication function or toothbrushing) thanks to its viscous behaviour which bears the stresses. It can be locally deformed but not cracked.

Long lasting effect

Iniker fill® effect lasts, at least, 3 week after its initial treatment application. After a second application, the effect improves.

Constraining of bacterial plaque

Owing to its antibacterial capabilities, Iniker fill® reduces the plaque occurrence.